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Pregnancy period

Secrets Behind Many Fake Pregnancies.

Do you think all the women you come across with protracted stomach are really pregnant? The world is changing so fast and a lot of people are adapting to it. Today, a lot of ladies has abandoned their natural looks for artificial looks. Though in some circumstances it aids beauty while in some, it is an act of deception. 

Pregnancy is a journey to motherhood which brings happiness to every married couple, it is a time of nurturing a foetus in the womb of the mother. The journey of pregnancy ends after 9 months with the birth of a new born baby. In our society today, there are many fake products in the market which includes: fake eyelashes, artificial plastic breast, and presently, the trending fake pregnancy tube.

Initially, the artificial pregnancy tube were been used only in movie production in order to pass information to the viewers. But presently some women wore it to deceive the public. Most times, it is very difficult to find out a real pregnant woman in the mist of many pregnant women around the world, because some women use this tube below: Do you think this is a trend or deception?

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