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Riddles:What do you add to oil to make it boil. And ten others.

As we all know riddles are deliberately said to confuse you. Riddles are brain testing tools to either know your IQ or thinking capacity. The questioner tends to make you think deep putting your brain and mind indifferent direction. Now test your self with this ones.

1. What do you add to oil to make it boil?

In this particular riddle on clear observation, the oil is in the word and not in a pot, therefore just aed the letter B to oil.

2. A taxi driver ran accros the red light in Nigeria and police did not stop him. Why?

This is because a taxi driver is a man. He is not in a taxi. He was on foot but bear the name of his occupation.

Now test your self with this ones.

3. Three birds are in a cage, how do you make one gone.

4. Aminna walked seven days without sleeping how did she do it and how possible is that.

5. In a ship, two son and two fathers were asked to drop fish each but they dropped only three and its complete. How?

6.Saturday, Samuel and Janet went to the restaurant to eat, Samuel and Janet left without paying, who paid the bill.

7.What Has No Beginning, End, or Middle?


10.Plsease write your answer in the comments box and the answer would be shown latter. Thanks.

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