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How to prevent the appearance of a boil

To prevent the appearance of a boil, it is important to keep the skin clean and dry, keep the wounds covered and wash your hands frequently, as this way it is possible to avoid infection in the hair root and accumulation of pus under the skin, thus preventing the formation of the furuncle.

Because it is an infection, boils are more frequent in people with health problems, especially when the immune system is affected, as in the case of diabetes, HIV infection or cancer, for example. The accumulation of pus under the skin can lead to the appearance of some symptoms such as severe pain on touch, redness and swelling.

Thus, to avoid boiling it is very important to reduce the number of bacteria on the skin and try to strengthen the immune system. Some tips include:

1. Wash your hands frequently

Hands are one of the places on the body that can most often be filled with bacteria, as they touch various contaminated objects during the day. In addition, the hands come into contact with many other regions of the skin, which makes it easier to contaminate small cuts, causing the bacteria to reach the hair and cause boils.

2. Keep wounds covered

Wounds act as doors on the skin that allow many bacteria to enter the body. Thus, when you have a wound, in addition to doing the proper treatment, it is very important to make a dressing, at least while the wound is open and you have not developed a cone.

3. Keep your skin clean and dry

Another easy way to keep your skin free of bacteria is to bathe at least once a day. However, one should avoid using very hot water, as it dries out the skin, and one should also avoid using antimicrobial soaps, since, in addition to bad bacteria, they also eliminate bacteria that help maintain skin balance.

In addition, keeping the skin always dry is also very important, since moisture, along with body heat, can facilitate the growth of bacteria. One of the main culprits for skin moisture is sweat and, therefore, a good tip is to always wear comfortable cotton clothes, as it allows the skin to breathe better.

4. Decrease sugar consumption

Foods with a lot of sugar, such as treats, ice cream or industrialized products in general, promote an optimal environment for the development of bacteria, since these microorganisms need sugar to grow.

Thus, reducing sugar intake decreases blood sugar levels and, consequently, prevents the development of bacteria on the skin and reduces the risk of boils.

5. Consume foods with vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients to keep the immune system functioning properly, eliminating excess bacteria and preventing boils. Because it is a natural technique, consumption of vitamin C to increase the immune system can even be used by people with autoimmune diseases.

So, consuming more orange, tangerine, strawberries or kiwi can help prevent boils from appearing so often. 

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