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10 Signs You Need More Blood in Your Body; What You Should Eat and When You Should See a Doctor

Iron deficiency anemia is a common kind of anemia in which the blood does not contain enough healthy red blood cells. The oxygen-carrying red blood cells transport oxygen to the body's tissues. Iron deficiency anemia is caused by a lack of iron in the body. Your body can't make enough of a component in red blood cells that allows them to carry oxygen if you don't have enough iron (hemoglobin). Iron deficiency anemia can make you weary and short of breath as a result.

Iron supplementation is usually effective in treating iron deficiency anemia. Additional testing or treatments for iron deficiency anemia may be required in some cases, especially if your doctor diagnoses internal bleeding. Iron deficiency anemia can be so subtle at first that it goes unnoticed. However, when the body's iron deficiency worsens and anemia worsens, the signs and symptoms become more severe. The following are some of the indications and symptoms of iron deficiency anemia:

1. Extreme exhaustion

2. Weakness

3. Chest discomfort, rapid heartbeat, or difficulty breathing 

4. Pale skin

5. Dizziness, lightheadedness, or headache

6. Hands and feet are freezing.

7. Your tongue may be inflamed or painful.

8. Nails that are brittle

9. Cravings for non-nutritive things such as ice, dirt, or starch that are out of the ordinary

10. Poor appetite, particularly in newborns and children with anemia caused by iron deficiency.

What to Eat? 

Choose foods that are high in iron.

1. Red meat, pork, and poultry are all high in iron.

2. Seafood

3. Beans

4. Spinach and other dark green leafy veggies

5. Raisins and apricots are examples of dried fruit.

6. Cereals, breads, and pastas with added iron

7. Peas

Meat provides your body with more iron than other food sources. If you don't consume meat, you may need to raise your consumption of iron-rich plant-based meals in order to absorb the same amount of iron as those who do.

To improve iron absorption, eat meals high in vitamin C.

Drinking citrus juice or consuming other vitamin C-rich foods at the same time as eating high-iron foods will help your body absorb more iron. Citrus liquids, such as orange juice, contain vitamin C, which aids in the absorption of dietary iron.

Vitamin C is also found in broccoli, grapefruit, oranges, peppers, strawberries, tangerines, tomatoes, kiwi, leafy greens and melons. 

When to see a doctor

Consult your doctor if you or your baby shows signs and symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. It's not a good idea to self-diagnose or treat iron deficiency anemia. Rather than using iron supplements on your own, consult your doctor for a diagnosis. Excess iron buildup can harm your liver and cause other difficulties, so overdoing it with iron can be dangerous.

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