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Stop Killing Insects Directly On Your Skin, It's Highly Injurious; See The Infections It Causes.

After You have finished reading this Write up and you still continues killing mosquitoes or any form of insects of any species - (Species of Insects means forms of which the Insects are being categorised.) on your Skin, then you're left to be blame for your actions.

The period we are now is a very dangerous season, although it seems to be a season of Rainfall and cool weather and breeze, but trust me as much as it is cool for us Human beings to enjoy, so it is for dangerous insects and dangerous Animals too.

For example, Animals like Snakes always finds a good habitat - ( An Habitat is a place dominated by a particular Specie in an Ecology or an Environment.) to Live and enjoy, Same as Insects Like Mosquitoes and so on...

Especially Mosquitoes, finds a good Habitat in A floody areas of a Delta - (a Delta is like a disputaries of Water at a particular point in different directions).

The mosquitoes then breed and produces more of its kind - (Reproduction) in this kind of a place because, it finds more shelter at this very destination.

This animals as time goes by, they tends to look and search for an host to feed on, and mosquitoes as a type ,it feeds directly on human beings blood and hence from there imposes diseases like malaria into the body systems of such a person.

Now, being known for there chronic infection, their blood and water when killing the, if peradventure splash on a person skin, it imposes diseases like;

1. Skin Bumps or Rashes.

2. Weigh Loss, increased appetite or both.

3. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, and Vomiting.

4. Sleeping problems.

5. Anemia.

6. Aches and pains.

7. Allergies.

8. Weakness and general feeling unwell.

9.Yellow Fever.

10. Malaria

11. Typhoid...etc.

Measures to stay safe and after infected;

. See a medical doctor

. Take your medicine appropriately and instructively by the medical Doctor.

. Keep your surroundings clean.

. Make drainage system to avoid stagnant water and flood.

. Stay away from dirty environment.

See images of these various insects;

What do you have to say about this, drop your Comments and any forms of questions in the Comments box below and don't forget to share with friends and families, so as to keep Ourselves Healthy... Thanks.

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