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7 Signs That A Person May Be Nearing The Time Of Death

It is important to be able to identify imminent signs of death. This can help us to put more effort when a loved one is sick. It may also help us to know how seriously we should take a particular health condition.

Here are 7 signs that show that death may be near.

1. Loss of appetite.

When a sick person looses appetite,it is a sign that his health condition needs to be taken very seriously.

2. Drowsiness and tiredness.

Feeling very sleepy and being very tired are some of the signs people show when their health condition is seriously deteriorating.

When your sick relative begin to feel this way, put more effort in his treatment because most dieing people show such signs some days before death.

3. Changing vital signs.

When the time of death draws nearer,most body vital signs such as blood pressure, body temperature, pulse may begin to show inaccurate results.

4. Mental confusion.

Most people may begin to show signs of mental confusion some days prior to death. They may begin to talk to people who are not real and existing people or lack the ability to talk to people around them in a coordinated manner.

5. Lowering bowel movements.

In most patients, bowel movements may lower considerably. They may not have the urge to remove body waste .This is because the major body organs are winding up.

If your loved one who is sick have not shown any urge to poo or urinate for more than one day, report to the doctor, it is a dangerous sign.

6. Pale skin.

As the time draw nearer, the colour of the skin may begin to change to pale.

7. Breathing problems.

This is the final stage in the journey of life. A time when people gasp for breath.

Conclusion: Sometimes, sick people who show some of these signs may also survive, It is necessary to know how dangerous these signs are, so that we show greater care for our sick loved ones.

Sick people who show any of these signs should not be handled with triviality.

Source of information: medical news today

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