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Pregnancy period

Stop Spending Money Going for Pregnancy Test, Instead Use Mustard Seed - [PHOTOS]

Mustard Powder Pregnancy Test

In the event that you have missed your periods and suspect that pregnancy could be the case, then you should consider the mustard powder test for pregnancy. Mustard powder is known to induce periods.

What You Need:

1. A bath tub

2. ½ – ¾ cup of mustard powder

3. Warm water


Add mustard powder to the warm water in the bathtub, and immerse yourself in it for twenty to twenty-five minutes. Wash yourself and wait for two to three days.

Positive Sign:

Since mustard assists in inducing periods, you should have your periods in two to three days. If the periods don’t kick in, then it’s likely that you’re pregnant.

Negative Sign:

The onset of periods within three days of this test would indicate that your periods were delayed for reasons other than pregnancy.



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