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Private Organ Shrinkage: 3 Habits That Can Cause This Problem In Men

The issue of penis shrinkage in men is a condition that needs urgent attention and should not be overlooked. Most men who suffer from this condition have low self-esteem and they never become proud of themselves. If the organ that signifies man's masculinity is looking small what else would be the fate of the affected?

Medical practitioners have said that in some cases the cause of private organ shrinkage in men is due to some bad habits and poor lifestyle. So in this piece, I will be exposing some of the unhealthy habits that cause or reduce the size of a man's private organ. If you find yourself in this shoe, please try your possible best and come out of it.

1. Overweight

The impact of weight gain, particularly around their stomachs, is a genuine concern for many men as they age. When a man adds too much weight his organ starts appearing small than normal. The solution for this is weight loss. Weight loss can be achieved through regular exercise and a change of diet.

2. Smoking

Chemicals from cigarette smoking can injure the blood vessels in the penis, preventing the penis from filling with blood and stretching. Regardless of the stimuli and the effect on the brain, if the blood vessels are damaged, the penis will not achieve an erection.

3. Medications

Some medications can cause private organ shrinkage in men. These medicines include Adderall, prescribed for attention deficit or hyperactivity, some antidepressants and antipsychotics, and some drugs prescribed to treat an enlarged prostate.

Also, the use of drugs like finasteride to treat enlarged prostate reported smaller penis size and reduced sensation, and even dutasteride for the treatment of enlarged prostate can cause a lot of dysfunction to a man's private organ.

Source: Medical News Today

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