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Check Out What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Afang Soup Everyday

Afang leaf which is also known as Gnetum africanum or Okazi is used to prepare delicious and popular meals called Afang Soup. This food is found in almost all areas of Nigeria. There are numerous health benefits of eating this soup. Below are some of these benefits.

It Helps In Health bone And Teeth Development.

Due to the presence of some important minerals present in afang soup like calcium and magnesium. They both help in the development of healthy bones and teeth and this helps prevent osteoporosis or osteomyelitis.

It Lowers Blood Pressure.

Eating afang soup is known to lower blood pressure. People with hypertension should consume Afang soup that contains little pepper.

Weight Loss.

Afang Soup helps In weight loss because it contains a low amount of calories. Food that contains a low amount of calories helps to reduce weight.

It Helps Fight Constipation.

Constipation is difficulty in passing out stool(faeces), Afang soup is rich in dietary fibres and these fibres act as natural laxatives to help remove stool with ease. Dietary fibres do this by absorbing some amount of water from the large intestine this making the stool to be soft.

5. It Provides Anti-inflammatory Properties.

Afang soup contains some anti-inflammatory properties which help to treat inflammation(swellings redness and pain).

It Helps to Fight Anaemia.

Due to the presence of Iron found in Afang soup, it helps to prevent anaemia. Anaemia Is the reduction in red blood cells due to reduction in haemoglobin content, packed cell volume or low production of blood cells from the bone marrow.

It Helps In Diabetes Management.

Afang Soup is good for diabetes patients because it helps to reduce blood sugar levels and thus help to reduce complications of diabetes.

It Helps To Repair Body Tissue.

Due to the presence of protein in Afang soup, it helps to repair damaged body tissues.

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