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Ways you might prevent yourself from contracting HIV through sēxual contact

It is crucial to understand how to prevent HIV. Treatment is available so you can live a full life and prevent the spread of the condition to others. There are numerous strategies to lower your risk of HIV infection.

Only the exchange of bodily fluids can transmit HIV from one person to another. This most frequently occurs during s£xual activity and when using shared needles.

According to Healthline, you can lessen your risk of getting HIV by following these practices and learning how to prevent it.

1. Use a barrier method during s£x

A type of barrier technique to stop the spread of HIV and other STIs is provided by condoms.

When someone's private organ touches your body, you should protect yourself using condoms or some other type of barrier. Not just when someone releases sperm, but at any time during a s£xual interaction, you share bodily fluids.

2. Choose your s£xual partners wisely

In some circumstances, having more s£xual partners may increase your risk of contracting HIV or spreading it to others.

Your s£xual partners all have past relationships that may have involved other people. Your current s£xual partner might have acquired HIV or another STI from those partners.

If you are s£xually active, monogamous relationships could be a good choice. This means that only you and your partner will engage in s£xual activity.

3. Test yourself regularly for STIs

Regular HIV and STI testing can help you monitor your health and prevent the spread of these diseases to others.

To make sure you are not sharing HIV and STIs when you start your s£xual relationship, get tested alongside any new partners you may have.

4. Avoid misusing drugs and alcohol

Your ability to make decisions can be impacted by drug or alcohol abuse. This may cause you to act in ways that could raise your risk of contracting HIV or spreading it to others, such as engaging in unprotected s£x.

Stay away from circumstances where you might abuse drink and drugs and be more likely to make poor decisions regarding s£x.


There are numerous HIV prevention strategies, and employing them all will lessen your risk of getting the disease. Keep in mind that HIV may only be acquired through bodily fluid contact.

If you believe you have been exposed to HIV or have a high risk of contracting it, get tested frequently. Early HIV treatment can enhance your outlook and lower your risk of spreading the disease to others.

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