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HEALTH: Smoking Can Lead To Irreparable Damage To The Lungs

The importance of the human lungs as vital organs of the body can not be overemphasized. They are responsible for controlling the breaths and oxygenating the blood. When someone's lungs are maintained and put in a perfect shape, that individual stands a chance of having a long life. Damage to the lungs is tantamount to a death sentence because once the lung stops working, it's irreversible thereby causing eclectic breathing until the pulse ceases to count. Smoking is one of the things that breaks the lungs down and the damage is irreparable.

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People smoke different classes of tobacco, marijuana, cannabis, and others for different reasons. Some of the smokers take cigarettes with menthol flavor to get inner warmth, some smoke to derive sufficient stimulation to perform Herculean tasks while others smoke amid their peers as a means of socialization.

Side effects of smoking include tuberculosis, asthma, chest pain, cancer of the lungs, and total lung damage. The federal government has placed an embargo on tobacco advertisement over the radio, television, and other electronic media. It is boldly written on every pack of cigarettes that 'THE FEDERAL MINISTRY OF HEALTH WARNS THAT SMOKERS ARE LIABLE TO DIE YOUNG'.

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