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Why You May Experience Numbness On Your First Finger (Pinky)

There are several reasons why a person may experience numbness or loss of feeling on the first finger otherwise known as the pinky finger. If you suddenly notice that you have lost sensation on your first finger alongside tingling feeling or general discomfort, then there could be some medical explanation.

In this article in line with a publication on Healthline, we are going to have a look at why a person may experience numbness on the first finger. As we all know, the first step to addressing a health challenge is knowing what is responsible for it in the first instance. If you are able to find out what could be wrong with you, then you have gone halfway into resolving the problem.

What Are The Causes Of Numbness On The First Finger?

1. Aging - when a person gets older, the whole body gets weaker including the nerves and as such, it is not out of place for such a person to notice unusual numbness on certain parts of the body once in a while. Numbness on the pinky finger could be due to aging.

2. Peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage could also be responsible for the numbness you are experiencing on the fingers. People who experience peripheral neuropathy are diabetic patients and smokers in most cases and if you fall into either category, do well to see a doctor.

3. Some medications may also be responsible for the numbness you are experiencing. Some medications that can cause this include chemotherapy, a medication used against cancer.

4. Compression neuropathy - according to American society for surgery of the hand, compression neuropathy has to do with pressure on a nerve anywhere along it's length. There are three main nerves in the hand and they include, ulnar nerve, radial nerve and the median nerve. If compression happens at the wrist or elbow, it can cause numbness in the pinky finger. This type of compression is known as ulnar nerve compression.

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