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4 Things We Do Often Without Knowing It That Could Cause Kidney Diseases

Kidney is one of the vital organs in the body. It requires a special care for it to continue to function at full capacity. Just like it is said, we are what we eat.

The nature of foods we inject into our body, goes a long way to determine our state of health at every point in time. Our kidney in particular is responsible for removing wastes from the body.

When we take in fluids, the kidney regulates it and subsequently eliminates the ones that our body does not need.

Have you ever imagined when our kidney that is saddled with this great responsibility breaks down as a result of what we eat or do? I guess you wouldn't want that.

The question is, what are the common things we do that can endanger our kidney? Read on.

1. Eating too much sugar:

The Kidney hardly survives in an environment where there is excess sugar, especially processed sugar. Eating excess sugar can cause the kidney to overwork itself, which could lead to kidney failure.

Let's minimize our sugar intake in order to save our kidney from total collapse.

2. Stop taking carbonated and caffeinated drinks:

These are processed products which do not go well with the kidney. They contain harmful chemicals which can harm the kidney, and reduce it's functionality.

3. Holding Urine for too long:

Urine is stored in the bladder, holding it more than necessary can cause damage to the bladder.

Also, when you hold unto urine for too long, some bacteria can return to the kidney, thereby posing a threat to the kidney.

4. Not taking enough water:

As we may know, the kidney requires enough water for it to function well. When the body is dehydrated for a long time, it gives the kidney the room to decompose.

Literally, we are required to take at least 3 litres of water on average, everyday. This aids the functionality of the kidney.

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