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How to use scent leaf, cloves and turmeric to cure toilet diseases

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A feeling of irritation or burning during urination and during .....

Swelling and redness of the vulva.

A slight vaginal bleeding, in rare cases.


👉 Ocimum gratissimum leaf (scent leaf)

👉Persea americana wallet (avocado leaf)

👉Tetraleura teraptera (prekese)

👉Ocimum americana leaf (white basil)

👉 Tumeric



Put all this in a pot and boil for 40mins then sieve and fill the liquid in the can for use.

A cup morning and night.... For better result cook with more quatity materials and get up to 8 to 10 litter of the liquid.

Zobo drink

This is the best way to do zobo drink in my own view.

I have tried different recipes,add different flavors and etc but none come out tasty and satisfying like this recipe.


Half basin of zobo leaves.


Fresh ginger.




Wash zobo leaves and pour in a big pot.

Peel the ginger and add.

Peel the pineapple and add.don't add the back.

Add water according to the size of the zobo leaves.

Cook for 20minutes or more.

Sieve out the liquid.

Add sugar or honey then or add nothing.

Allow to cool.

Scoop and fill in plastic bottles and refigerate.

Best served chilled with your favorite meal or snack.

Ideal drink for sunny weather..

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Persea americana Pineapple


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