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What It Means When You Start Shedding Tears While Laughing Hard.

Have you ever seen someone laughing so hard to the point where they start crying? A lot of people must have experienced shedding tears while laughing. Laughing is a kind of reflex action that occurs when a person finds something to be really funny.

Laughter signifies happiness and humour while tears signifies pain and sadness. So one may begin to wonder how these two emotions can merge into one. In this article, we are going to find out what it means.

Why you can cry and laugh at the same time.

The situation of crying and laughing at the same time is known as Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA). This is an involuntary or uncontrollable outbursts of tears in the eyes during a long state of exaggerated laughter or humour. This PBA can happen to anyone, irrespective of age, size, gender and others. Even babies experience it.

Is the tears same as the normal one?

No it is not. The tears shed during a Pseudobulbar Affect is known as "Reflex Tears". This reflex tears occur when the tear ducts have been shaking during strong laughter for over a long period of time. The too much pressure from laughing usually causes the tear bag in the eyes to burst open and release tear drops.

Can Pseudobulbar Affect be avoided?

This is the question that most people would probably be wanting an answer for. However, the truth is that Pseudobulbar Affect can be avoided only when you stay away from laughing so hard for too long. Exaggerated laughter is usually the cause of it.

Final Words.

A lot of people must have probably found them self in this kind of laughing gas situation. And its always embarrassing to stop only when you've started crying or shedding some tears. But there is nothing to be ashamed of here because its completely normal. Serious laughter often lead to tears and its okay to enjoy a good laugh once in a while. It is said to boost the immune system and improve health.

Thanks for reading. Have you experienced this Pseudobulbar Affect before? Please comment and share

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