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Try this if you have Chronic Back Pain

Some people with long-term pain in their back have tried different solutions all to no avail.

Sometimes, we think that our back pains are a result of problems in the body and sometimes we treat our back pains based on that, and for long, it hasn't always been bringing the required results as these back pains have not receded.

Over 85% of persons with chronic pains in their back have not been able to ascertain the cause of their back pain even medically and so solutions can't even be proffered to them. 

 Here are some ways that can help with back pain. You can treat your back pain using these two psychological therapies that helped curb my own back pain:

1) Change Your Old Beliefs

 Look for a psychologist that can help or assist you to come up with plans that were designed specifically with you in mind, as this will help you to adjust and cope with any form of anxiety or depression that may occur with your pain.

This idea will actually help you in reducing the fears associated with the back pain, instead of being afraid of the back pain and thinking of them as being life-threatening, the therapy will make you think of the pain as safe and reduce your thoughts and fears towards it and this, in turn, will alter the brain into reinforcing the pain and neutralizing it. 

The major goal of this treatment is to create awareness to patients about the role our brains play in causing chronic pains and how they can also reappraise the pain in different by moving in different ways that they were initially afraid to go. It will also help them to understand how to cope with their emotions especially when it has to do with chronic pains.

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2) Managing Stress

There is nothing that can trigger our muscle tension or spasms like stress as stress can actually increase the pain but a psychologist can actually help you to manage any stress that can cause back pain for you.

Psychologists can use a biofeedback sensor that can be attached to your body to keep track of your body's response to stress by keeping track of your blood pressure, heart rate, and also brain waves.

This will help them to determine what strategies can be most successful in treating and maintaining your body's response to tension as normal.

Following this psychological way of treating your back pain will help you be reassured and have high hope of living free.

If you are having chronic back pain, try this but remember that no matter how chronic the pain is, it is not without hope. With the right treatments such as exercise, medication, or even psychological therapy, you will find a perfect way to manage and control your back

Content created and supplied by: DrGeraldine (via Opera News )


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