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OPINION: Catfish Consumption Should Be Banned In Nigeria, Here are My Reasons.

It's not new in Nigeria, majority of the people who consume catfish don't know it's health implications. In one of my former articles I expressed about this but not in details.

Catfish Consumption, if am to suggest should be banned, because people are dying on daily basis as a result of what they consume. With a population of over 200 million people, Nigeria should scrutinize the agricultural sector and make sure all food products that are being produced are healthy for Consumption, so as to lower the risk of disease accumulation in the country.

Below are some of the reasons, why I'm calling on the health sector to place ban on the Consumption of catfish in Nigeria.

1. Cancer.

Yes of course, frequent Consumption of catfish can cause cancer, through the decomposition of chemicals which the fishes were fed with. Cancer is very dangerous and still don't have an authentic remedy. Prevention is better than cure. Thousands are dying today, because of what they ate through their mouth. Be enlightened and reject ignorance. Remember prevention is better than cure.

2. Cardiovascular Diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases, this is from where every other heart diseases originates from. The Consumption of this freshwater habit promotes the build up of cardiovascular disease and other heart related problems. Also it contains a low amount of mecury, which when consumed in large quantities is very toxic to the body.

3. Omeg-6 Fatty Acid.

Omeg-6 fatty acid is very dangerous to the body. At first it makes you add weight and look fresh but it's destroying your internal organs, thereby exposing you to different organ diseases. This is because of the chemicals that are contained in their feed formulation, especially the farmed fishes.

I strongly call on the government, to to get this fish banned in our country and to replace it with rohu and katla fishes which are more reliable and safe. The Gondia fishery department in India have banned the production of catfish in their state.

This article wasn't written to condemn those already in the business but to expose it's health risks Involved.

Don't forget to follow me up for more updates regarding your health matters.

Let us all join and call for the ban on the Consumption of catfish in our country. What's your own opinion. Don't forget, Share this message.

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