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6 Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry

Hunger can be described as a situation where by an individual's body requires or needs food to regain energy and strength since our body relies on it. Some individuals experience extreme hunger medically known as polyphagia often. However, the reasons or things that causes the feeling of hunger frequently will be discussed in this article.

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Reasons Why You Are Always Hungry:

1 Lack of sleep: when you are deprived of sleep, the hormones in the body that controls hunger I'll be affected. Individuals that doesn't sleep well may crave high calorie or fat foods when tired.

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2 Stress: when you're stressed, tense, or anxious the body releases cortisol, an hormone that increases the feeling of hunger.

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3 Exercise: when you exercise, the body burns calories, boost metabolism. This can cause the feeling of hunger in some people.

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4 Dehydration: At times, when you're dehydrated ( inadequate intake of water) you might not tell the difference in the signals your body get.

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5 Medication: some drugs can make you feel hungry and eat more than usual.

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6 Other reasons such as: pregnancy, thyroid problems, diabetes, diet soda etc.

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