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For Men: Here's How Alcohol Affects Your Fertility Unknown To You

It is often common that when it comes to the problem of infertility, the major focus is quite often on the woman as you have spent so many years trying to get her pregnant but all to no avail. You might even be surprised to discover that conceiving isn’t as easy as you may have thought. A study has shown that 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant and 1 out of every 3 cases, the problem ends up being from the man and this is due to some lifestyles like: smoking, drugs and alcoholism. But our major focus here will be on "alcohol".

However, social alcohol use is very common around the world, but heavy drinking has lots of bad health effects even when taken in moderate amounts can affect your sexual health as more than 14 mixed drinks in a week can greatly lower your testosterone levels and affect sperm count.

The question now is, how does alcohol affects sperm and also male fertility?

However, heavy and constant intake of alcohol can affect how fertile a man is, by directly impacting all three areas of the male reproductive system such as the: testes, the hypothalamus in the brain and also the anterior pituitary gland with the hormones they make.

Here's how alcohol affects sperm production and health by interfering with the functioning of the male reproductive system:

1. It lowers the testosterone levels, the follicle stimulating hormone and also the luteinizing hormone thereby raising estrogen levels that often reduce sperm production.

2. It changes the release of "gonadotropin" which greatly impacts sperm production.

3. It often leads to shrinking of the testicles which may lead to impotence or infertility.

4. It can cause early ejaculation or a decrease in ejaculation.

5. It's changes the shape, size and also the motility of the sperm.

6. It causes liver disease which can greatly change sperm quality.

How can this adverse effect be reversed to enable you become fertile?

The good news is that, this effects can be reversed if you want to as it's a personal decision. Therefore, the only way to get back a healthy sperm production is by stopping alcohol consumption.

Here are ways you can help boost your fertility

1. Like earlier said, reduce the intake of alcohol.

2. Exercising regularly also helps in boosting testosterone levels.

3. Avoiding stress can help keep cortisol levels down.

4. Avoid excess heat underneath as a high temperature often kills sperm.

5. Taking zinc, vitamins C, D, E, folate helps maintain sperm health.

6. Taking fruits like berries, oranges and avocado are helpful too.

7. Also mataining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle will help you get all the necessary nutrients you need.

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