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2 Methods Of Neutralizing The Effect Of Poison In Your Body.


Under the term of poisons, it is intended to include all substances that have pernicious, rather than therapeutic, effects on the human body, tending to harm its behavior or organization and, if not remedied, can result in death. Such substances may be ingested or inhaled, absorbed through the skin or the thinner and more fragile mucous membranes, or implanted through bites, stings, or other punctured wounds.

The following instructions will show you how to produce an anti-poison drug at home.

1. By eating bitter cola. Give the victim one or two bitter cola seeds to eat. This seed is a natural anti-poison agent that will save anyone's life whenever they swallow poison. The victim will begin to sweat and urinate all of the poison out of his or her body within 30 minutes.

2. You can make an anti-poison out of charcoal that can save a life. Charcoal and lemon juice are needed for the operation. Filter the charcoal after it has been ground into powder.

Get 6 big ripe lemons, squeeze into a cup and stir up, Remove the particles with a sieve. To make a paste, pour the charcoal into the lemon juice and whisk to combine. Allow 24 hours for it to absorb and ferment. Boil it for 3 hours after 24 hours. Remove the charcoal from the solution and set it aside to dry.

Enable it to dry completely before putting it in an airtight jar. Drink a glass of clean water containing half or one full spoon of charcoal.

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