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She Left Me Without Saying Goodbye , Her First Day At Work Became Her Last - Nurse Justina Fiancee

Few days ago we posted a story about the late Nurse Justina Ejelonu who personally treated Mr Patrick Sawyer and got infected with the virus . She later lost her life after fighting the virus. She was pregnant when this happened. Recently her Fiance Mr Dennis Akagha took to social media to pour his heart out to the public about how he lost her fiancee to the Ebola Virus. He said so many touching things in his thread but we are going to focus on 5 major things he revealed in his long speech. 

1 . How His fiancee died - Her late Wife Justina was pregnant at the point of her death. She Got two jobs and her first day at work at First Consultant was the same day she met The Ebola Victim Mr Patrick Sawyer and got infected with the deadly virus. 

2 . Late Justina had a miscarriage - The late nurse had a miscarriage at home while she struggled with the Ebola Virus. Her Fiancee which is the husband narrating this story cleaned up all the mess and went on a long search to get her to an isolation center. Its a miracle he didn't get infected 

3 . Another Nurse Lost Her Life Besides Justina - Mr Dennis revealed that her fiancee was not the only one to lose her life too. Another nurse in the clinic also lost her life. This is besides Dr Stella Adadevoh. This nurse went totally unnoticed. 

4 . No Credits : A movie was made to remember those who lost their lives for the country because of Ebola and Nurse Justina names was removed. Their was no solid attempt to immortalize her through the movie works. 

5 Justice : Mr Dennis Akagha wants due recognition for his fiancee that lost her life in service for country. 

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