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10 Signs that your body will show when you are eating too much carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate is a class of food that provides energy for body building. Eating carbohydrates is not bad but it becomes bad when you eat too much of them. There are some visible signs that your body will manifest when you are consuming too much carbohydrates.

Below are signs your body shows when your carbohydrate intake is very high.

1.Your Body Bloats.

Carbohydrates usually contain an high amount of water. If you consume one gram of carbohydrate your body will retain three grams of water. When you then consume too much carbohydrates your body will hold much water thereby making your body bloated.

2.Your Belly Swells


Consuming excess carbohydrates can increase the level of abdominal gas. Too much gas in your stomach can make your belly swell.

3.You’re Hungry All the Time

When you consume too much carbohydrates you will start becoming hungry frequently. When you become hungry you need to eat more food to satisfy your hunger. Constant and regular eating can make you gain weight.

4.You Struggle with Acne.

When you eat too much carbohydrates you will notice that your skin won't be clear and smooth like before. Carbohydrates contain sugar which may make your pimples and acnes worse.

5.You Get More Cavities

When you consume too much carbohydrates cavities tends to accumulate in your teeth. These cavities causes toothache and pains when chewing foods.

6.Fatigue Sets in.

When you become unnecessarily tired you may need to cut down your carbohydrates intake. Consuming too much carbohydrates can elevate your blood sugar thereby making you tired and weak.

7. High blood sugar.

8. Indigestion.

9. Headaches.

10. Always feeling thirsty.

Too much of everything is not good for your body. In order to stay healthy, try and limit the amount of carbohydrate you consume.

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