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Signs and treatment of prolapsed in your layers bird

Let me give you some signs of prolapsed

1. The cloaca will pushed out during laying

2 . The birds becomes weak when laying

3. When the cloaca is pushed out you will see that the tip of the egg passage is completely closed

4. Discharged of blood due to prolonged egg laying

Tool much fat can be a cause of this, reduce their protein intake and fat intake in their feed.

Other causes of cloacal prolapse or Egg Bound


2-hormonal in balances

3-short Cloacal opening

4-over size egg

5-calcium and phosphorus inbanlances

6-many more


Surgical approach.

But picking from other birds can cause this due to overcrowding, because birds generally likes anything coloured especially red color.

Prolapse. Use warm saline water to swab it and put it back in gently then apply honey on the swelling.

It can also be attributable to the size of the egg at first laying.

Some times it is normal, being the first egg the passage for egg has not been fully dilated, with the time the blood will vanish and if it is consistent give them water leaf to eat.

Use wound spray to spray on ur birds wound then dat is prolapse ,cause . It is brought due to lack of exercise

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