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Health reasons why you should avoid stress if your BP is high

High blood pressure, sometimes referred to as hypertension, is a dangerous medical condition that raises the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and other health issues, according to Mayo Clinic. Stress has the potential to worsen high blood pressure and make it more challenging to control. According to specialists, if your blood pressure is high, you should avoid stress for the following reasons.

1. Your body releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline while you're under stress, which can raise your blood pressure.

2. Chronic stress can harm the lining of your blood arteries, increasing your risk of heart disease and stroke by making them more prone to plaque development and narrowing.

3. Stressed-out individuals may be more prone to harmful habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, or overeating, which can raise their risk of high blood pressure and other health issues.

4. Stress can reduce the effectiveness of blood pressure drugs, making it more challenging to manage hypertension.

5. Stress can worsen pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease, which can raise the risk of high blood pressure issues.

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