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4 Types Of Medication That May Kill A Child If Taken

A child can become sick, just the same way an adult does. When a child gets sick, you might be tempted to give the child the kind of medication you take when you are sick, but it is dangerous. Giving a child the type of drugs you take can be dangerous. It is important not to leave your drugs in a place, a child can easily access it. According to a research by paediatric emergency medicine practice, one pill of some adult drugs can kill a child. It is important to know that some children who are within 1 year to 3 years, have the habit of picking things and putting into their mouth, and it puts them at risk.

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This article will look at 4 types of medication, that may kill a child if taken. They include the following:

1. Heart medication

If a child mistakenly swallows a tablet meant for an adult who has heart disease, it can lead to some serious side effects. Some adults suffer from heart disease, and it is important to keep away the drugs from little children. A child may develop low blood pressure, reduced heart rate and seizures because of the drug. This can lead to death, if nothing is done about it.

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2. Pain medication

Pain medications like vicodin and oxytocin are taken by adults, who experience severe pains. These medications can lead to serious sleepiness, and the child may stop breathing which can result to death.

3. Diabetes medication

Diabetes medication like glyburide helps to regulate the body's insulin. This drug may cause harm to a person, who doesn't have diabetes. If a child takes this drug, it can cause low blood pressure or coma. According to a research, the symptoms doesn't show immediately, but the child should be observed for a period of 24 hours.

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4. Camphor oil

Camphor oil is a herb that is used to treat pains, and stop skin irritation. If a child should take this oil, it can lead to seizure or even death.

It is important not to give your child drugs meant to treat pains in your body because, it might be harsh on a child's body system. Visit a hospital if your child is not healthy, rather than self medication.

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