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Touching Story Of A 7-Year-Old Girl Who Raised Money For Her Brain Surgery: See How She Did It

The story of this young girl is heart touching! It's true that when in some life situations, we have to encourage ourselves and keep thanking God as the Bible says.

The seven years old Liza Scott is from Alabama, USA. According to the report, the young girl suffered a seizure on the 30th of January, After examination, the doctors revealed that Liza has three malformations on her brain and she needs to undergo urgent brain surgery to prevent a probable haemorrhage, stroke or seizure in the future.

According to the doctors, the three malformations are cleft, an aneurysm and a Dural Arteriovenous Fistula (An abnormal connection between the branches of veins and arteries).

This little girl in her determination to help her family to put up the money for the surgery started selling lemonade. She encouraged people to buy in order thatt she may channel earnings to her medication.

While selling the lemonade, to raise money for her surgery, her story went viral. Liza was reported to have received huge sum of money as donations from many people.

The family revealed that they got free flight ticket to Boston Children's Hospital and accommodation for the period of their stay in Boston during and after the surgery.

Brain surgery is a complicated thing. Please pray for this hardworking little girl. Parents pray to God for good children.

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