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Difference between "laying down" and "lying down"

I want to talk about the most confusing verb in English. The verbs lay and lie are the most strongest verbs in English because of their internal transformation in different grammatical situations.

Some English users do not even know the past of lie when we are referring to human being and when we mean non animates. This sentences are incorrect:

1. I laid down before you enter my room.

2. I lay the mat down before she brought her bed.

Actually, one must take his or her time to study these verbs. Let me clarify them. You "lie down" in the present tense when it is you resting (intransitive verb). You are “lying down”.

When you are carrying something and you rest it on a surface, you "lay it down" (transitive verb). Similarly, a hen will "lay" an egg. In this case you (or the hen) are laying the object down.

What might cause confusion is that the past tense of "lie" as in Example 1 is "lay".

So: I lie down (now).

A. I lay down (yesterday).

B. I lay the box down on the table (now)

C. I laid the box on the table (yesterday).

D. The hen laid the egg.

In reference to the headline the phrase should be:

1.I am lying down (human being).

2. She is laying the mat bed (non living thing).

Please always take note of this mistake and apply the correction. Thanks for reading.

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