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6 Reasons for Internal Examination During Pregnancy

Meaning of internal Examination

You may wonder why you need to undergo an internal examination during pregnancy.

Internal check-ups are performed to track how you have moved ahead with your pregnancy. This examination is usually conducted by your midwife, and she does it by inserting her fingers in your cervix to check how your labour is progressing. While some women may feel extreme discomfort and pain during the entire procedure, others may not find it too difficult to deal with. It is how relaxed you are during the procedure and your midwife’s technique that may make all the difference in the pain and discomfort. However, internal check-ups do not harm your baby in any way. Also, if you experience extreme discomfort, you may talk to your doctor about it.

Here are some of the reasons for conducting an internal examination during pregnancy:

1. The internal check-up in the ninth month of pregnancy can be done to check the position of your cervix. As your labour progresses, your cervix will move forward from its position, and your doctor will have easy access to it.

2. To track how much your cervix has opened up. Initially, the size is 1cm and it goes up to 10cm. When your cervix is 10cm or more, it is the time to push your baby out.

3. To check the position of your baby and if the water bag needs to be ruptured.

4. To check the position of your baby’s head, and whether it is engaged or not.

5. To establish how your baby’s head is sitting on your cervix.

6. Apart from when you are in labour, your doctor may also recommend an internal examination for more investigations.

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