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I became blind because my father and mother did not believe in drugs. Blind radio presenter says

Visual impairment is the inability to either see clearly or not see at all and it is the reason why a lot of dreams have been cut short.

People don't just become blind, they become blind most times as a result of untreated disease which turned out to have affected the eye. 

A lot of people have taken it upon themselves to strive despite the setback and this has really helped both the people in their situation and those who do not have any form of disability. The likes victor otuya and cobhams asuquo are a perfect example.

Victor was born normal but he lost his sight when he was one due to untreated measles. The measles he had was not treated because his parents went to a Church that only believed in miraculous healing.

His impairment made his parents worry about how he was going to cope in all sphere of life but victor was strong for him self as he went on to attend kings college and later lagos state university where he studied diploma in International Relations without paying a dime as school fee. As at the time he was admitted into the school, he paid five thousand naira and he never paid anything else till he collected his results.

Because of his eye problems, victor was a regular listener of many radio programs which made him developed interest in broadcasting. He trained himself in pronunciations till he heard of a vacancy in a radio station then which is not max fm.

Victor also mentioned that he can cook, wash and iron his own clothes.

He is also and editor, a reporter and a broadcaster.

This is a lesson to all. no matter your situation, never give up.

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Victor otuya


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