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10 benefits of eating jute leaf (Ewedu)

Jute leaves which are commonly called ewedu are commonly consumed by the Yoruba's, they often consume it with yam flour (Amala), eba and some can even eat it with pounded yam. Consuming jute doesn't have any side effects on the human body. Many people consume this leaf because of its sweetness, slippery nature, and the ease they often get in swallowing food with it without knowing the health benefits it provides to their body system. Here are some benefits of consuming jute (ewedu) leaves:

1. It Promotes eye health: Regular consumption of jute leaves can help in slowing the onset of some eye diseases including age-related muscular degeneration.

2. Jute leaves are rich in antioxidants: The antioxidants in these leaves can also help to improve vision and fertility

3. Helps in fighting off Colds and Flu: jute leaves contain vitamin C in abundance which is essential in helping the immune system ward off colds and viruses. Vitamin C can also keep you from suffering further complications like lung infections and pneumonia

4. It Improves digestion: By regularly eating jute leaves, you can avoid constipation, bulk up stool, and speed up digestion. Having a fiber-rich diet also helps to increase the uptake efficiency of nutrients and it reduces symptoms like cramping and gas.

5. Jute leave Promotes weight loss: Due to its high fiber content, it keeps you full for longer and in turn regulates food consumption and weight.

6. It improves sleeping patterns: Jute leaves contain Magnesium, Magnesium aids in the release of hormones that relax and soothe the nerves. By increasing the magnesium intake, you can improve your sleep quality for restful and uninterrupted sleeping patterns

7. It supports cell growth and skin health: eating them regularly can help prevent various skin conditions like poor complexion, acne, lines, and wrinkles keeping your skin looking young and healthy. The Vitamin A content in jute leaves also helps to promote healthy hair growth.

8. It helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums: The benefits of eating jute leaves extend to the teeth and gums. They contain calcium which helps in keeping the jaw bone robust. A healthy jaw bone keeps your teeth tightly fit and makes it harder for bad bacteria to grow.

9. It improves restless leg syndrome: This condition is usually caused by iron deficiency. Because jute leaves are rich in iron, eating them regularly can help to improve the condition. Eating jute leaves can also help to curb muscle spasms which are also considered to be caused by a lack of calcium.

10. Jute leaf helps during ovulation: Eating Ewedu is believed to help boost ovulation, promote lactation, regulates the menstrual cycle, promote fertility, and increases a woman's chances of getting pregnant.

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