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The Pressures Of Postpartum Weight Loss On New Mothers

Losing body fat or bodyweight could prove to be a mentally and physically exhausting task. And taking time to search for an exercise routine or diet that would fit into your lifestyle might end up discouraging you from your goal.

When it comes to trying to get your body to the way it was before you conceived, there is even more pressure to try everything you can to drop the postpartum weight. For some women, it could take as little as a month to 'snap back' and for some, a year or more.

There needs to be more education on how childbirth comes with a lot of emotional and hormonal roller coasters with stress hormones taking the lead due to fatigue making it an almost impossible task to lose that extra weight gained during pregnancy.

Complications that arise when giving birth could make postpartum healing even slower and this could mean months before a new mother is allowed any form of exercise that may help her drop a few kilos of weight.


Having a belly pouch months after your baby has arrived used to be seen as normal until certain celebrities began to create unrealistic goals of what a postpartum body should look like by having numerous aesthetic surgeries to look well-contoured putting undue pressure on women who can not afford these methods.


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