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AVOID drinking this kind of water if you want to live long (OPINION)

AVOID drinking this kind of water if you want to live long (OPINION)

Water is a clear liquid having the chemical formula H2O, required by all forms of life on Earth.

Though water can be sourced and used for different purposes e.g bathing, washing, fishery, watering, swimming pool, drinking etc not ALL water is drinkable. The sources of water includes rain, well, borehole, tap/pipe borne, streams/rivers/lagoons/oceans/ etc.

I have heard many of my people in this part of the country saying the state or condition of water doesn't kill. I stand to disagree, water kills, it may not happen suddenly though. That doesn't change the fact that unhygienic water kills.

To start with, you need to avoid sachet water (popularly called pure water) as much as possible. The chemicals used in purifying the water being packaged into sachets may not be 100% safe for human consumption. My reason? When I worked with a pure water factory back then in year 2000, we workers carried out a simple practical on some fingerlings using the sachet water and the result was devastating.

The fingerlings began to show some signs of discomfort within fifteen minutes of being placed inside the bowl with the said pure water. Some of these fingerlings died as a result. It shows pure water as a result of the purifying chemicals (which i won't like to list here to avoid advertisement) may not be good for human's health. So, those of you who drink sachet water on daily basis may just have to rethink.

Next on my list is Bottled water. If the bottled water you buy and drink is not sourced naturally from water falls for example, you may have to stay away from your favorite bottled water. I have seen at least two people who drink only a particular brand of Bottled water and still had serious issues with typhoid fever. Two of them were advised to boil their water at home before drinking and stay away from any bottled water no matter how nicely packaged. Amazing!

And now to the only source of water that is likely available to our rural dwellers, streams and rivers. Unfortunately, they have no other sources of drinkable water. Many of our people in our villages drinks from the same water they have their bath. It's that horrible!

That is why deaths from typhoid, ringworm etc are on the increase among them. The pathetic part is the government not looking to their side to proffer a lasting solution to the life threatening situation.

In conclusion, either young or old, rich or poor, water saves and it kills. BEWARE of what you take into your body system.

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