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2 Reasons Why Your Five Fingers Are Not Equal

There are so many things which we have and seen but do not know the reason why they are the way they are. One of them is the reason why your five fingers are not equal. Many of us have grown from childhood into adults and have wondered all the while, why the five fingers are not equal. The issue is, we may have not really find the time to make some findings to some of the things we do not understand.Now, there could be about one thousand and one reasons why the five fingers are not equal, but you are going to learn about two of them in this article. One thing we should bear in mind is that, all the five fingers work together and yet they all have their different functions. Looking at all the fingers on your hand, you would understand that they are just there for different functions. They all work hand in hand with one another.The two reasons why your five fingers are not equal is, the fingers have different functions which they perform at every point in time. If they were all of the same size. It will be somehow difficult to perform many tasks. Firstly, the different size of the finger helps for gripping of things firmly, especially the thumb. The thumb opposes the four other fingers so, it contributes a lot when you want to grip an object. It is possible to grip spherical objects like an orange in the palm of your hand, because the fingers actually curve around to be able to grip the object.Here comes the second reason, apart from gripping, the five fingers are not equal because, if they were to be equal, it will be difficult to do the following, writing, feeding, doing some artwork, climbing and other important activities. The first finger known as the fore finger is used for pointingThe third finger which is in the middle happens to be the tallest, and it gives support to other fingers. The fourth finger is usually called the ring finger, which is were rings at worn especially if you are married.Pictures credited to The Sun, Vanguard Allure, 360dope and Glamwedding

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