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Opinion: Here Are A Few Tips To Take Note Of As Cholera Reportedly Spreads To 22 States And FCT

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Nigeria is currently battling two deadly diseases of coronavirus pandemic and cholera epidemic and there is a need to put some preventive measures in place as cholera has reportedly spread to 22 states including FCT.

According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), cholera has so far killed 816 people in Nigeria in 2021. The agency also revealed in its latest report that 22 states including Federal Capital Territory have reported suspected cases of the outbreak recently. Given all these statistics, here are some tips to put into practice to prevent the Cholera outbreak;

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1. Avoid patronising roadside sellers of foods for now.

One of the things to suspend for now is the purchase of consumable items from the roadsides sellers since one can not say much about the hygiene of those who prepared such foods or the source of water used in preparing them.

This is because people can get sick from the disease when they swallow water or food contaminated with cholera bacteria. That is why it is advisable to shy away from foods whose sources are questionable.

2. Avoid using water from flowing rivers especially in the affected areas.

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Further from the above point, it is also imperative to avoid the use of water from flowing streams or rivers. One of the commonest ways of spreading cholera in an epidemic area is through the water. Once the faeces of an infected person contaminates the water, cholera can spread very rapidly.

Meanwhile, the majority of the people in the rural areas practise open defecation which is mostly done inside the same rivers that serve as the source of water for the community. So, to be on the safer side, one needs a very clean source of water.

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Moreover, if there is no other source of water, there is a need to boil the available ones very well or chlorine them before being used.

3. Cook seafood very well.

Another important thing to take note of is to wash and cook our seafood very well, because, when a stream is contaminated by cholera bacteria, one can be infected by eating foods from such rivers. To avoid being a victim, there is a need to cook that seafood thoroughly since the bacterial will not survive high temperatures.

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4. Maintain personal hygiene.

Finally, it is equally very important to maintain the cleanliness of the body and the general environment. One needs to also wash hands regularly with soap and water. In the case of an infected patient, such a person should be given clean oral rehydrate salt repeatedly to avoid dehydration which may lead to death.

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