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Signs Of Liver, Kidney Or Bladder Problems That May Be Noticeable In Urine

When it comes to our overall health and the condition of the organs responsible for processing urine, there is a lot to learn from our urinalysis. In most cases, a change in urine color can indicate a problem with the kidneys, bladder, or liver, but many people either don't know this or choose to ignore the warning signs.

This article is based on a piece published on Healthline and discusses the symptoms of liver, kidney, and bladder problems that may be seen in the patient's urine. Relax and take in the eye-opening content of this article.

What Urinary Symptoms May Indicate Liver, Kidney, or Bladder Problems?

1. According to healthline Cloudy urine may be a sign of problems with the kidneys or liver, according to the literature. The reality is, it's not only about cloudy pee; yes, you should see a doctor if the color of your urine changes to cloudy and stays that way for a while, but it's not just about cloudy urine.

Second, if you see blood in your urine or if you notice that your urine is a darker crimson than it used to be, seek medical attention immediately. The presence of blood in the urine is indicative of renal disease and may also indicate bladder inflammation. You should not ignore blood in your urine, no matter how slight, because doing so might lead to further complications with your kidneys or liver that may only become apparent when it is too late to treat.

Finally, kidney, liver, and bladder issues may all be reflected in an abnormally pungent odor from the urinary tract. Urine that smells unusually strong, especially if it persists for an extended period of time, warrants a visit to the doctor.

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