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5 Reasons Why You Might Be Urinating Too Much (Part 2)

Passing out urine is a normal biological process that all healthy humans must experience. It is normal to urinate a number of times during the day and at night.

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But according to experts, urinating more than 8 times a day and getting up multiple times to urinate at night might mean that you have a medical condition, it might also be as a result of a harmless condition.

I have previoulsy written an article about "5 reasons why you might be urinating too much" and this is a continuation of that article.

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Here Are Five Reasons Why You Might Be Urinating Too Much

1. Side Effects Of Medication: many people suffer from one medical condition or the other and these conditions usually, require medications to manage. Some of those medications can make people urinate more.

For example, drugs like diuretics are designed to remove excess fluid from the body thereby making people to urinate more.

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2. Pregnancy: pregnant Women usually urinate more especially, as their pregnancy advances. Studies have shown that, during the early stages of pregnancy the body increases it's production of a hormone called, human gonadotropin (HCG).

Also, during the later stages of pregnancy, the baby grows bigger and as it grows, the fetus begins to put pressure on the bladder thereby, causing an increase in the frequency of urine.

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3.Bladder Cancer: the bladder is the body organ that stores urine. The urine we pass out comes from the bladder. Bladder cancer is a type of cancer that attacks the bladder.

Excessive urinating can be caused by bladder cancer. However, the good news is that bladder cancer is rare.

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4. Decreased Estrogen Levels: estrogen is a type of hormone in the female body. Estrogen is one of the hormones that differentiate men from women.

A decreased estrogen level can make a woman to start urinating frequently. Women who are experiencing menopause are more likely to have this problem.

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5. Over Active Bladder: as stated earlier, the bladder is where the body stores urine before passing it out through the urethra. Overactive bladder is not a disease it is just an annoying and inconveniencing condition in my opinion.

Overactive bladder occurs when the brain wrongly directs the bladder to empty it's self thereby causing a person to urinate too much.

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