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Pregnancy period

Do abortion really cause breast enlargement?

What happens to woman's body after an abortion is misunderstood.

It is important women must be instructed that the wide range of physical changes that may take place in their bodies after an abortion. The pregnancy resource center is available to talk with women about their pregnancies or the feeling they are having after an abortion.

The biological effect of an abortion is often the least understood aspect of this choice made to the lack of scientific research. After abortion women often this truth to anyone.

"Four days after my abortion, my breast started leaking out milk," the woman outlined. The clinic abortion told me it wan normal. Then i felt my milk " come in" and it triggered a deep emotional unhappiness in my heart.

To avoid been skeptical on reason women abort pregnancy, research has been done before this article was published. Research showed that many women abort pregnancy due to financial issues, shame of having unwanted pregnancy, under age and one that got me really annoyed and interested in this topic was, "women do abort pregnancy to grow larger breast". Wow i did not see that coming.

How true is that?

Critical explanations are made in this article.

Most likely knowledge which is still under research is the fact that woman who abort pregnancy are likely to have breast cancer. This statement is still an hypothesis undergoing tests in research laboratories.

Breast tissue development

tender breasts and nipples are one of the signs of pregnancy many women notice after they conceive. Durning the first phase of pregnancy, women body begins to prepare for breastfeeding by shifting the amounts of female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. This hormonal change impacts breast tissue, nipples and many other part of women body.

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