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Use ginger to grow your hair back

Ginger is an herbal medicine use for so many things. Ginger can be eaten fresh, dried and stored as a spice or made into tablet, capsules or liquid extract.

Ginger contains more than 400 chemical compound responsible for it's smell and flavor. Researchers believe the gingerol compounds are the ones responsible for the roots health benefits. Gingerol is a powerful antioxidant and anti-flammatory property that can help the body in variety of different ways.

Ginger stimulates hair growth, it can be regarded as a hair booster. It is cures dandruff. It makes the hair shinny and the scalp clean. It stimulates hair growth.

Affordable with dual purpose; you can juice it out but it does not render the shaft useless, instead the shaft can be used to cook.

How to use Ginger to grow your front hair

1. Grate or grind the ginger and squeeze out the juice from the ginger mixture.

2. Apply the ginger juice on your front scalp.

3. Cover your hair for thirty to sixty minutes.

4. After that minutes, open it and wash it off, leave to dry and see tremendous change.

Ginger can be mixed with onions or any other vitamin.

To preserve the juice, put it in your refrigerator.

Note: if you are allegic to ginger or it irritates your scalp, do not use it.

Content created and supplied by: Christine508 (via Opera News )

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