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Opinion: The Original Cause of Yoruba/Hausa Clash And Resultant Diversion of Food By The North

According to an Eyewitness, this is the misleadingly cause of the most recent crisis between Yoruba's and Hausa's in the west (Ibadan to be precise).

The eyewitness Identifying herself as Nana Aisha recounted that, "at Shasha one of the big food markets in Ibadan, a Niger (republic) man was carrying a basket of tomatoes and mistakenly spilled it in front of a yoruba woman's shop. 

She demanded that he picked all the tomatoes and get water to wash of the mess it had created. The niger man went on to say that, he would pick all the tomatoes but didn't know where he would get water to wash off the remnants. 

Another Yoruba man around the area, joined the argument in favour of the Niger man finding water to wash the front of the shop. 

It quickly got heated until the yoruba man landed the niger man a slap, He retaliated and his slap resulted in the yoruba man fainting. By the time he was rushed to the hospital he was pronounced dead. 

The news quickly found its way online with the caption "Hausa man kills Yoruba man with just a slap" this in turn incited Yoruba's to seek "revenge" on the hausas, their retaliation, and the vicious cycle that continued..."

The effect of this crisis is in its full bloom at the moment, as prices of Foodstuff has skyrocketed in the west, due to the diverting of foodstuff by the Hausas. 

Apparently this resultant effect came about by a false rumor, that was acted upon by people prematurely taking law into their hands.

They are two great evil habits to be conquered; Giving too much importance to word of mouth (instead of investigative measures) and being to impatient for legal justice to be served. 

Moving forward, we must work on banishing this evils and the appeasement of wronged parties, if peace would rain.

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Content created and supplied by: TomiBeckley (via Opera News )

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