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6 Foods Worst Foods For The Brain And Memory

The brain needs maintainance like every other parts of the body. Some foods would improve the performance of the brain while some foods may also impair brain function.

In this article, we want to highlight foods that could impair the good functioning of the brain.

1. Sugary drinks.

Sugary drinks which includes sodas, sports drinks do not only put us at the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart diseases, they are equally dangerous for our brain. This is because excessive intake of surgery drinks may cause diabetes which increases a person's risk of Ahzeimar.

It may also cause degeneration of the brain cells leading to dementia.

2. Refined carbs.

Refined carbs include sugar and white flour. These foods contain less fiber and would easily cause a spike in blood sugar. These foods would easily cause inflammation in the body or in some parts of the brain that controls memory.

3. Foods containing trans fats.

Trans fats are hydrogenated oils which are used in the manufacturing of biscuits, margarines, mayonnaise candies and many other baked products. Studies have shown that consuming foods made with trans fats may impair memory and cognition.

This is partly because of inflammations. These highly processed fats may cause inflammations in the brain.

4. Highly processed foods.

Highly processed foods such as instant noodles, chips, microwave popcorn, and other highly processed foods may cause inflammations in the brain. Foods that cause inflammations are not good for brain and memory.

5. Alcohol.

Taking alcohol in moderation in line with USDA recommendation may be safe for everyone, but if you drink alcohol excessively,it causes harm to every part of the body including the brain.

According to health line, alcohol could cause an impairment in the brain and memory. It can even reduce the brain size.

6. Fish high in Mercury.

Fishes high in mercury are dangerous to the brain especially that of children. Mercury may attach the attack the brain and spinal cord of babies if their mother consume mercury rich fishes during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Examples of mercury rich fishes are shark, tilefish, bigeye tuna, king mackerel, swordfish etc

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