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5 Things Every Pregnant Lady Needs To Do, To Avoid Operation (C-Section) During Child Delivery

Welcome to another great article of mine. Here, I shall be writing on 5 things every pregnant lady needs to do, to avoid operation (Cesarean section or C-section) during child delivery.

Before I start, let me talk about pregnancy. It is worthy of note that pregnancy is a period in a woman's life when a fetus enters into her womb or uterus.

Pregnancy usually last about 9 months, counting from the very last day a lady stops seeing her monthly menstrual period.

There are 3 stages in pregnancy every pregnant lady or woman have to know. These stages are as follows:

1. First trimester

2. Second trimester

3. Third trimester

In these very stages of the pregnancy listed above, the lady usually observes different symptoms associated with the pregnancy. These symptoms of pregnancy are nothing to worry about, as it is what comes with pregnancy. Note that these symptoms go away on its own, immediately after delivery.

### Nevertheless, over the years most Ladies do give birth to their child throuh operation (Cesarean section or C-section). Here, before a lady can deliver, she will be taken to the theater for operation.

There are so many factors that leads to this operation or cesarean section on most pregnant ladies before they can deliver their baby.

### Here are the 5 things every pregnant lady needs to do, to avoid operation or cesarean section before delivery. These 5 things are as follows:

1. During pregnancy, a lady should not go hungry but should not over eat.

2. In the period of pregnancy, a lady should get enough exercise. It helps.

3. A pregnant lady should learn to relax her nerve and avoid stress, it is very important.

4. A pregnant lady should not forget to go for Antenatal and receive teaching on how to go about with the pregnancy.

5. Always take your routine drugs during pregnancy, as a pregnant woman.

With all these above listed 5 rules, a lady will hardly face operation during pregnancy.

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