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So emotional - Doctors share their unforgettable memories of Patients who died

Medical Doctors deserve applause for saving lives and helping the sick recover. However, sometimes they lose their patients to death. It is a difficult experience which they witness time and time again, which can hurt them emotionally.

A Tweet from a Medical Doctor asked his colleagues to share their experience on which Patient-death and emotional reactions.

The Doctors shared experiences which was nothing short of emotional and sad. Here are some of the replies in Texts and screenshots.

1. A/E shift 9a.m, Man came in because he is sad and just wants to be happy, Dr make me happy he said, that was the only complaint, was reviewed & discharged by Psych team. Represented by 6pm, He had drank enough acid and stabbed himself. Died within 1hour. I couldn't sleep for 2 days.

2. House Job. 

Pediatric Oncology.

11-ish yr old girl who had ALL, her platelets were around 10000. There were no platelets in Lagos.

She bled into the muscles in her neck, suffocated and died in her mum's hands while saying "mummy help me" repeatedly.

I decided to leave Nigeria.

I hate when I remember her. Now I am sobbing like a child, behind my face mask and face shield.

Nobody should die like that, nobody.

3. I normally walk into the hospital with planned amnesia but there was this 3yr old baby, she didn't die but her case touched me. Beaten to complete brain damage by her own parents. A 3 yr beauty,she lost all motor functions, couldn't even swallow on her own. Living dead.

4. Housejob 

Patient had a splenic rupture from bike accident, Kept screaming all night. Reg said i shd keep giving diazepam and NS till morning when he can hand over

Px went silent by 5am

I actually cried

5. Paediatric posting

A 22 month old little girl who had truncus arteriosus and had spent almost all her life in the hospital. her mum was the most cooperative I've ever met. she could answer everything and anytime.

The week she died plans for surgery were already on ground after sourcing for funds all the while. Baby was plethoric and had partial EBT done and died in the evening. she just started having seizures, lost conciousness and she had respiratory distress. oxygen cylinder was faulty. we were managing oxygen concentrator and phcn took light and she died right in my presence. I cried mhen, even nurses cried.

6. A lady in her 40s with pancreatic cancer. She had a little girl that visited with her husband. The man was always at her bedside. One evening, he left to grab supper and she passed. I still remember his screams.

Our Doctors are Heroes. In their attempts at saving lives, may their strength never die.

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