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10 Ways to Heal a Burnt Tongue After Eating Hot Food

It turns out that both the cheeks and the throat have taste buds. But when we burn the tongue, the extra flavors are useless and we have to taste the food differently. This pain leaves us with no choice but to look for instant sedatives with fever. Fortunately, there are some solutions that can provide you with instant relief without emptying your pockets.

Here are some interesting ways to deal with a burned tongue and we would love for you to learn from us.

1. Rinse your tongue with saline.

Rinse with a mixture of cold salt water. You can also gently swallow the solution in your mouth before spitting it out. Rinsing with salt water has an antiseptic effect.

2. Dip your tongue in the milk.

Milk can coat, which can help relieve pain quickly. Dip your tongue in cold milk and wait a while until you feel better. You can repeat this procedure when you feel pain in your mouth again. Milk provides a special coating that water cannot, so whenever you choose, you choose milk.

3. Apply honey to the burned area and do not swallow for a while.

Honey, not only has a calming effect but also has a pleasant taste. This product is also a scientifically proven remedy for burns. If you are not allergic to honey products, this medicine may become one of your favorites. Take a tablespoon of honey and cover the swollen tongue with a thick layer. Leave it there for as long as possible to get a full effect.

4. Place the minty chewing gum on the burned area.

Mint is a simple and quick remedy that can help you thanks to its menthol that activates cold-sensitive areas. This will give you a cool feeling, so you will naturally feel better. Simply place a piece of mint gum on the injured area and do not chew it. Don’t leave it there too long, especially if you’re hypersensitive to mint products.

5. Squeeze the juice from the aloe plant.

Aloe is a natural healer recommended for treating first and second-degree burns. It can significantly shorten the healing time of burns and provide comfort from the first application. Squeeze the aloe juice directly on the tongue and let it rest.

6. Lick some chocolate or sugar.

Granulated sugar is used to treat wounds that are difficult to heal. It will help relieve this initial irritating pain. Put granulated sugar on your tongue and press it to the roof of your mouth. You can also use any product that contains sugar, such as candy or chocolate.

7. Sprinkle on some ice, but do not lick the ice cube.

Applying something cold is one of the first things that can come to your mind when you burn your tongue. But proper application is key here. Never lick an ice cube because you can make your teeth worse. Instead, you can sprinkle some ice directly on the surface of your tongue, covering the injured area.

8. Dip your tongue into a cup of cold yogurt or any other product that contains lactic acid bacteria.

Lactobacilli is considered a good therapist in reducing the risk of infection. Soaking your tongue in yogurt, kefir, or any other probiotic product that contains this bacterium will help prevent infections after burns. We can achieve an additional calming effect with cold yogurt.

9. Breathe with your tongue in your mouth like a dog.

Once you have burned your tongue, do not keep it closed in your mouth. Try to give it as much air as possible. You can take the breathing technique used by dogs, breathe deeply and exhale with your tongue sticking out of your mouth. It will help relieve you after drinking something boiling.

10. Smell flower through the mouth.

Another technique is to keep your attention away from the pain by smelling something, like a flower, in your mouth. This will distract you from the pain of the burn.

What are your best helpful remedies for treating burns?

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