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5 Tips For Runners With Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful condition which can interfere with life at every turn, However It’s a common misconception that running is bad for your knees if you have arthritis this is no excuse to give up completely and run away from challenges instead your body can run with marathon training. In fact, physical activity might be exactly what your joints region need at such points, as these actions are proven to reduce pain and joint stiffness.


Many Patients have turned to long distance running to keep legs active, joints moving and as body weight trimming methods, which even reduces the risk of certain types of osteoarthritis also, Here are few Tips to help you stay active despite arthritis;

TIP1: . Speak to Your Doctor

Before developing a training routine, it is recommended that you get permission from a medical professional first. Running is considered a form of high energy exercise and you may be advised against running long distances especially when it comes to spine, hip, knee, wrist or ankle arthritis. But do not let this deter you or break your motivation ! Simply ask about your limitations and then adjust your goals accordingly.

TIP2 : Start Slow

If you’re new to running exercises, you may need to give your body sufficient time to adapt to the new weight that goes through your joints and ligaments, This usually takes time, but every time you do a session it stimulates your cartilage and bones and muscles to grow even more strength. The older you are, the longer this adaptation can take. Ensure that your workspace is adequately comfortable, adjust your posture from time to time, and stretch your body at regular intervals.

TIP3 : Do Strength Training

The stronger the muscles the lesser force expended goes through your joints especially in legs this helps when you run, hike or climb, Strength training has also been shown to prevent serious injuries in runners of all ages. So ensure that you include exercises for your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves.

TIP4 : Focus on Your Diet

Avoid eating excess sugar or refined carbs, they result in add up of unnecessary weight as well as potentially triggering further reactive inflammation. Keep your meals healthy with an abundance of fruit and vegetables, while consuming as many omega-3 food sources such as flaxseeds, soybeans, and fish.

TIP5 : Give Adequate Recovery Time

In order words rest well , runners need to have recovery days to allow their bodies to repair and adapt to the exercise they’ve done. The older one gets the longer the recovery time so arthritis patients are to ensure joints are active and well recovered, rather than go on excessive lengthy runs manage your activities, feel it out by noting your aches, then taking a small break whenever these pains appear to persist or escalate into inflammations.

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