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How to Hide Bra Straps—3 Simple Tips

Do you have those clothes that expose your bra straps? As a woman, there should be at least two or three in your closet, even if they aren’t your style.

Some people believe that a bra is underwear and it isn’t supposed to be exposed to the public.

Some ladies just want to keep those straps out of people's eye unless they are about to swim and need to wear a bikini.

If you are one of those women who don't like exposing their bra straps, you don't have to worry yourself because in this article, I'll give you simple hacks that will help you hide those straps. 


Here are some tips on how to hide bra straps:

1. Attach the cups to the top; this is mostly applicable to backless and strapless tops.


Simply tell your tailor to sew in the bra cups into the dress. This way, it will seem like a built-in bra in the eyes of people. So, when you put on any dress or top of your choice, a bra won't be needed since you have the cups in already.

However, to do this successfully, you must be willing to let go of at least one of your bras and attach the cups to the dress you have in mind to wear. Make sure the thread corresponds with the color of the top.

2. Buy Clear Straps:

Clear Straps don’t really have any color in particular, and they are mostly transparent. So, even if they are visible, it’s not really a big deal.

3. Buy Bra Strap Converters:

A bra strap converter is needed whenever you want to wear a dress that will expose your body. When you attach a bra strap converter to your bra, it will help to bring down the back clasp of your bra. 


This way, the rear of your bra will be invisible to people whenever you wear the top.

4. Finally, you can remove the straps.

If the straps are in any way affecting your physical appearance, kindly discard them. But to do this successfully, you have to be sure your bra fits perfectly so it can support your burst even without the straps.

Content created and supplied by: Cocofashion (via Opera News )


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