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Here Is A Choice Of Breakfast That Can Be Helpful For Those With High Blood Sugar

In a generation where processed foods and carbs seem to be all most people happily embrace, there is a need to enlighten people on some foods that can help during several health conditions.

When one's blood sugar levels are high, it is quite advisable to take a close look on foods you eat as the wrong foods could make it worse. Tingling of hand tips can be a sign your blood sugar levels are high and when you go for lab tests to confirm it, some foods should no longer be in your menu at least, till it's gone.

One food that can serve as a good breakfast option for people watching their blood sugar levels is Oatmeal.

Source: Everyday Health

This food is made from the harvesting and processing of oats and is known to contain Beta-glucan which is a soluble fibre. This soluble fibre known as beta-glucan helps improve the response of the body to insulin.

The insulin is a hormone in the body that helps convert sugar to glycogen. This is usually done whenever the blood sugar levels are above normal. When there is an abnormality in the function of this hormone it results to a medical condition known as diabetes type 2.

Oatmeal consumption helps make this hormone more responsive, thus helpful in managing blood sugar levels.

Besides management of blood sugar levels, with the effects of soluble fibre present in oatmeal, it's consumption also helps protect the heart from diseases by managing the blood cholesterol levels.

A group of antioxidants known as avenanthramides are also contained in oats. These antioxidants are capable of inhibiting the production of 'cytokines' which are inflammatory proteins. These inflammatory proteins would give rise to adhesion molecules that make cells gum up on each other. 

Atherosclerosis, which affects the arteries is among the results of this adhesion molecules. It is a condition whereby the walls of the arteries are clogged by fatty deposits disturbing the flow of blood. When arteries are blocked as a result of this condition, death of heart muscle might occur, as well as stroke.

Oatmeal can be helpful in keeping us safe from all of these conditions.

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