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5 Health Benefits of Mango

Mango is not only delicious and consumed worldwide, but is incredibly nutritious and even known as the “king of fruits”. It has unique and potent compounds and can provide numerous health benefits for our body. Now, lets discuss some of the incredible health benefits of mango. contains many different vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are vital for our overall health. Mangos are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, copper, potassium and vitamin E among others. Mangos are also a tremendous source of antioxidants and contain some dietary fibre.

2. Mangos are also a great source of many different antioxidants. They are well know for their antioxidant profile. Mangos contain unique and powerful antioxidants such as polyphenols, catechins, anthocyanins, kaempferol and quercetin. This is why mangos are sometimes referred to as a “super antioxidant” fruit.

3. Consuming mango regularly can also help to support overall eye health. This is not only attributed to the high levels of vitamin A found in mangos, but also because of two eye healthy antioxidants known as lutein and zeaxanthin. These compounds can help to keep our eyes healthy especially as we get older.

4. Mango can also help to support overall heart health and reduce risk factors associated with heart disease. Studies have shown that mango consumption can help to lower and regulate cholesterol, triglycerides and inflammation. As well, mango contains heart healthy nutrients such as potassium and magnesium, as well as other compounds, that can help regulate blood pressure levels.

5. regular consumption of mango can help to improve and support healthy digestion. Mango contains important digestive enzymes which can help to breakdown carbohydrates and other food molecules. This allows for increased nutrient uptake. As well, due to the good levels of dietary fibre in mango, it can help relieve symptoms associated with constipation.

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