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Why You Should Stop Disposing Your Oranges After Extracting The Juice

Oranges are among the natural sources of vitamin C and have gained a massive love among the people because if the sweet and pleasant sensation they bring to the taste buds. They are also popular virtually all over the face of the earth as a result of their ability to thrive and survive in any climate.

Source: Eat This, Not That

When eating oranges, most people are used to disposing the remaining part of this succulent fruit after merely sucking the juice from it. The juice is undoubtedly beneficial to health but the pulp is as well beneficial and contains nutrients needed by the body several tasks. The pulp is that part you see after the peel.

This part of the orange fruit is a good source of fibre. Some health benefits of fibre include -

1. Helps fight constipation

Constipation is a medical condition that often comes once in a while among people. It may not be life threatening but it however, brings discomfort. It often results from chronic dehydration and makes dry faeces that can hardly pass through the anal canal lodge in the large bowels. 

Foods rich in fibre would stimulate the bowel movement at same time soften the faeces in this condition.

2. Helps fight indigestion

Indigestion can also result when there is an abnormality in bowel movements or functioning causing difficulties in breakdown of foods. Foods rich in fibre can reset the bowel movements making digestion efficient.

3. Helps protect the heart

Fibre rich foods can also help reduce the levels of low density lipoproteins from the blood. Low density lipoproteins also known as LDL are known to be the roots of most heart diseases as they clog the arteries with fatty deposits thereby obstructing the flow of blood. The pulp of oranges being a good source of fibre can be helpful in keeping the heart protected by reducing the chances of high blood cholesterol.


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