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4 Important Food You Should Be Eating Once You Reach 45 To Remain Strong And Healthy

It is true that the human immune system has the capacity to depreciate as age sets in. So it becomes pivotal and of paramount importance that we begin to take good care of ourselves, in order to keep our immune system sound. Hence, feeding well is essential because it supports good nutrition but we equally need to be very careful on what we consume as those things may affect us in the nearest future. 

Again, at the age of 45 (depending on one's system), the body begins to change right from the inside out. Therefore, the concept this article comes with is designed to showcase healthy food that your system needs once you hit 45 years. 

1. Whole grain

Whole grain in this regard includes Millet, Barley, Oat Meal, Brown Rice, etc. For your information, they're rich in both protein and fibre. And it is wisdom to choose them over the ones with high rate of sugar and carbohydrates. Medical reports suggest that at the age of 45, diabetes can easily affect men and women who have high sugar level. 

2. Fish and chicken

I have nothing against red meat but it becomes a red flag when one clocks 40 and above. Medical experts recommend white meat. Chicken and fish most preferably, are better in this regard. 

3. Fruits and vegetables

The role of fruits and vegetables in the human system can never be overemphasized, even though we seem to have cradled into an age where men fall head over heels for packet foods, flavoured drinks and carbonated beverages than they they do for fruits and vegetables. Sadly, ours is fast becoming a world where people have the reality on the reverse. For the records, may I humbly remind us that fruits provide vitamins to the body. And those are part of what helps in repairing broken tissues. 

4. Spices

Living in an era where almost everything goes into forming part of what we call spices or ingredients to ultimately and forcefully make our food delicious, there is a need for you to be very careful as it concerns what goes into your system. Medically recommended spices in this aspect of regard are turmeric, garlic, ginger, etc. These things are healthy and rightful application of each of these items when and where needed would go a long way in contributing to our healthy living. 

Finally before I take a bow, may I humbly tell you that the purpose for writing this article would be defeated if you don't act on them. Matter of fact, what is written here is not as important as what you do with it. Go ahead and take them seriously. Your health should be of utmost importance over any other thing. 

Howbeit, I'm tempted to add here that if you're above 45, it is high time you started checking your sugar level, blood pressure, your consumption of red meat, carbonated/caffeinated drinks, flavoured beverages, microwaved packaged foods and other things alike. These things may not be bad in themselves but those who went to good schools (please don't ask me if I made that list) would always tell us that moderation saves us from tears that come from had-I-known. (apologies to Valentine Uchechukwu Ndukwu) 

Thanks for your time.

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