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5 indoor exercises that will help you keep fit

5 indoor exercises that will help you keep fit.

Indoor exercises are bodily activities that can be done indoors.

They are exercises that are also permitted to be done indoors.

Not all exercises are permitted to be done indoor, because they might be dangerous and there might not be enough space to perform such exercise.

But these are few exercises you can do in your homes.

1. Push_ups

Lie down flat, raise the tip of your toes, raise your chest, your tummy and legs..

Then move your body upward and downward for as long as you can

Just as it is in the picture below👇

2. Air_ punches

Hold your ✊ fist tightly, both right and left, that you can feel your arms and shoulders are also engaged, so you throw them in the air forward, one after the other.

As indicated in the picture below.

3. Walking and down the stairs

This is for those who either have stairs in their house or work some where with stairs, which you can exercise with at your leisure time.

4. Planks

This exercise is similar to push_up, because they have little differences.

Just lie flat, then raise your hands in a perpendicular position, then raise the tip of your toes then, lift your body.

Then move your body upward and downward.

5. Dancing

Dancing is an indoor exercise too.

Listen to music that you can dance to.

Dance helps to burn calories, which are released through sweats.

Keep fit, stay healthy

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